Alive Student Ministry

Leading students to real life change through Jesus from the inside out.
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What is Alive?

Alive is a ministry designed for 6th-12th graders in the Jacksonville/Orange Park area. We have a very simple philosophy at Alive. Our goal is leading students to real life change through Jesus Christ from the inside out. To do this we have a simple strategy of equipping parents and empowering volunteer leaders (Small Group Leaders) to influence the lives of the next generation.

Alive has an environment that promotes safety, fun, friendship, and Jesus. We believe wholeheartedly that when you combine the influence of the church with the love of the family, we can make the greatest impact on the lives and faith of students.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Alive for?

Alive is for any 6th-12th grade student in the Jacksonville/Orange Park area. Within the Alive Ministry, we have two subdivisions; Middle School and High School. Half of the time all students will be together, and then the other half they will be separate.

What are Small Group Leaders?

Our Small Group Leaders are the heroes of Alive. They are all background checked, specially trained, and love your students. Our Small Group Leaders lead grade and gender specific small groups and invest heavily into the lives of the students they are entrusted with.

Can I stay with my student?

Safety is one of our biggest values at Alive. Because of this, the only adults that are allowed to attend are Alive Student Ministry volunteers with approved background checks. If you are interested in volunteering in the Alive Ministry, simply let us know.

Can my student bring a friend?

Absolutely! This is highly encouraged by our leadership. We believe that Alive is special. Because it is so special, we want to share it with as many people as we can!

Does my Student need money?

Alive is free for all students so no money is needed. With that being said, we do have a snack shack that they can purchase items from every week. We will also do some special events that have a registration fee, but don't worry, we will always communicate those events well in advance.

What does Alive believe?

Our views and beliefs line up with The Church at Argyle. If you would like to see those specific beliefs, click here. Do you have questions about our beliefs or need further explanation? Contact us for more details.

Upcoming Events

Movie Night

Come enjoy a fun movie night with us. There will be free popcorn, our normal snack shack (extra cost) and of course, some fun! 

March 8, 2020

Change Series

Young people have great zeal to change the world, and this series offers guidance by detailing the lives of biblical characters who made their mark on society.

March 15, 2020

Finals Series

This four-week youth series will equip you to handle the stresses and busyness that come with being a teenager.

April 19, 2020